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What's it like to be a Digibiz Partner?

We asked one of our fabulous partners, Emily, to share her journey to becoming a Digibiz partner and her thoughts so far! We love being able to work with a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds. If you're interested in working in the digital world, or already have a skillset within this sector, please get in touch as we probably have a project we need partner support with!

For now, check out Emily's view on what it's like to be a Digibiz partner...

Where it all started

I first heard about being a freelance Digibiz Partner through social media, specifically through Jess (albeit in different years, we went to the same infants, juniors and secondary school and had been ‘acquaintances’). Social media is my ‘day job’ but I was looking into ways to consolidate this learning and learn some additional skills on the side, so when I saw Jess’ call for Digibiz Partner I thought it sounded perfect. (It also gave me the chance to earn a few extra pounds towards my upcoming wedding!).

After a quick call with Jess to sense check I was the right candidate (and ask what a partner actually was!) I was booked onto their partner training day.

Pizza and Partners

The partner training day was great fun, firstly I got the chance to properly meet Fraser and the other partners followed by a lesson on how to build a website on Wix. This training was really hands-on, which is great because I can’t learn any other way.

Fraser talked us through building a website step-by-step and we were able to test and learn accordingly. Training was followed by a lovely lunch (pizza, yum!) and we then went into an afternoon session of the business breakdown, other work they’ve got going – like social media – and how we would work together as partners.

This might be a good point to tell you what a ‘partner' is. The term might sound official to some, but essentially, I help Jess and Fraser run their client’s social media accounts and paid advertising. I do this for three to four hours a week and submit my invoice accordingly – easy peasy!

Partners in Crime

Following on from the training day it was straight into work, we were given a website client brief to work on to practice our skills, and if we were successful, we got the chance to win the business (and commission) which was a great way to learn, plus I’d never say no to a good competition.

I then had a few meetings with Fraser and Jess to see how I could help with social media and I’ve been helping on a weekly basis ever since - whether it’s been creating social media posts or setting up new paid social advertising campaigns.

It’s only been three months but I’m already loving working with Jess, Fraser and the other partners at Digibiz. Both Jess and Fraser are super accommodating, flexible and generous, what more could you ask for! I’m really looking forward to seeing where Digibiz takes us all and the journey ahead, so if you’re thinking about joining as a partner do, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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