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Top 5 places to work in London

Since moving to London, we have tried and tested lots of different "workplaces". That's the beauty of having a business that you can run from anywhere, you can make any destination a workplace! From hotel lobbies to high end cafes in Mayfair to small independents in Portobello. If they have wifi, we've given it a go! Here are our top 5 favourite places to work from so far...

  • The Hoxton in Holbourn

The lobby at The Hoxton is full of people from all walks of life; those in London for a tourist trip, people using it for meetings and visitors who have come to the restaurant. It has a real vibe to it and there are so many people working, it makes for a great buzz! There are plugs next to nearly every table and the wifi is reliable. Plus, the drinks are great!

  • Pullman by St Pancreas

For £21, you can get an all you can eat brekkie and unlimited coffee... This, the location and strong (free) wifi makes this workplace a no brainer! It is right next to St Pancreas station so great a spot if you're meeting someone coming in from outside of London. There is a quieter space downstairs that we used for a call, this is hard to find when remote working so a really great bonus.

  • NoBu

Definitely a boujier location, NoBu is a plush setting with lots of different seating options, making it great to work from. The restaurant is amazing so a great shout for afternoon working as you can get a lovely dinner before heading home (or one to one of the many bars in the area!).

  • Equinox Members Lounge

Based in Kensington, Equinox's Members Lounge is a great place to work from after a workout or yoga class. They have a healthy menu and the smoothies are really good! With the gym being so close, it isn't a great location for calls however, Jess has been known to use the cycle studio when classes aren't on as it's sound proof!

  • GAIL's Bakery

GAIL's Bakery is a chain found only in London. They are all over the capital and are a great work space. With strong wifi, amazing coffee and a great selection of homemade sweet and savoury goods, if we're just popping in midday for a few hours work, GAIL's Bakery is perfect. It's an informal setting and quite noisy, so not as good for calls or meetings.

We hope you found this short guide to remote working in London useful and hey, maybe we'll see you at one of these spots! If you want to arrange a meeting to discuss your online growth, get in touch.

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