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Case Study: Inspired Football Coaching

Who are they?

Inspired Football Coaching was formed in 2020 by Neil, an FA qualified Football Coach. Neil started Inspired Football Coaching to pursue his dream of teaching football to young people, with the aim to increase their confidence as well as their skills. Neil has a unique coaching approach and we love keeping up to date with his progress on his social media channels.

What did we do for them?

Neil needed a webpage that showcased him as an individual as well as his offer to families, young people, schools and football clubs. The website needed to be full of personality, providing useful information but keeping it simple and easy for people to make enquiries.

The website includes an introduction, reviews section and players gallery followed by a contact form. The site is easy to navigate and links to Neil’s social media pages.

Neil is a natural when it comes to social media content (although he won’t admit it!). However, we added an extra layer of support by setting up his social media pages for him. Neil now runs these independently - and does a great job.

Between his website and social media pages, Neil generates lots of incoming enquiries from the parents and carers of young people looking to improve their confidence through football.

What did they say?

“The saying people buy from people rings true when it comes to working with Digibiz. Fraser and Jess were great, really helping me to get the most from my website. They understood my target market and helped me to get my offer and personality across easily.

I’m following my dreams and would recommend to anyone with a business idea to follow theirs too. It seems hard at first but use the help of experts, like Digibiz, and you can do it!!” - Neil, Founder of Inspired Football Coaching

For more information on any of our services, please get in touch.

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