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Case Study: CLord Visuals

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Who are they?

CLord Visuals are a video production company that pride themselves on creating engaging content that businesses can be proud of. The company was founded by Charlie Lord, who specialises in creative music videos, engaging promotional videos and wedding videos.

Using state-of-the-art equipment with amazing 4k definition ensures that every detail is captured. The trick to a great video goes beyond high level tech, Charlie works with his clients to define their video goals and bring out the creative side of his subjects.

What did we do for them?

Charlie had a website that he thought was too basic for his wide ranging target audience, which was evolving from music videos to more corporate and promotional video projects. He wanted a website that showed his full offering and would be attractive to a more corporate audience.

We created Charlie a professional business email using the domain he had already purchased. In addition to this, we created a new website that showed his full offering with a video integrated background, individual pages for each of his services, a “chat now” function and clear step by step contact process. We managed the DNS changes from Charlie’s previous website hosting platform to Wix and ensured a smooth transition to the new site.

What did they say?

“I am really thankful to Fraser for helping me with my new site, although I am a creative, I definitely couldn’t have designed something that looks so slick! The email set up was really helpful too, I’ve had the domain since I started my business but no one ever told me how easy it was to set up a professional email address. I definitely feel like DigiBiz have helped me to “level up” my business and I feel much better about corporate clients going to my website now.” - Charlie Lord, Founder of CLord Visuals

For more information on any of our services, please get in touch.

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