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Case Study: weRwomen

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Who are they?

weRwomen is an online platform for women from across the globe to discuss, learn about and support each other with women’s based challenges. Everything from fertility to periods to PCOS - nothing is a taboo subject! Jade, Founder of weRwomen, wanted a website to bring people together that was safe and free of negativity or trolls. She found this was difficult to implement using things like a Facebook Group so instead, sought our support to build her own platform.

What did we do for them?

In our initial consultation with Jade, we could feel her energy and passion. We were thrilled to be asked to support her with this project and build a website with over 100 pages to support her vision. The website features a blog, podcast holding page and events page so that users can find the support they need in a variety of formats.

The website is fully mobile optimised, which means users can add an icon to the home screen of their phone and it is like having an own app as the website integrates seamlessly on a mobile device.

The members area, which has designated forums for different topics, can be accessed by using the subscription service that we built. This sets up automatic payments to the site each month, so there is no manual administrative process for Jade.

In addition to this, Jade has the option to give different members different features and levels of access, allowing her to put fun features in place like the more support you give others, the more badges you can achieve - the badges are called things like Queen B and superwoman. A real place for femine empowerment!

What did they say?

“The support from the Digibiz team has been great, they guided us through the website and kept us up to date with each stage of the process. The membership area is easy to navigate and manage for our members. Thank you Digibiz!” - Jade, Founder of weRwomen

For more information on any of our services, please get in touch.

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