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5 Quick Wins to Level Up your Business

Being a small business owner can be a very rewarding experience, but also comes with a unique set of challenges. You can constantly feel as though you have to “keep up” with the big players within your sector and it can be difficult to continue to grow your business whilst also providing the product/service that your business offers.

Here’s a few examples of quick wins to level up your business.

1.Professional email account

Domains (this is the part after the ‘@’ on the email… For example, our domain is can cost as little as 99p! You have to pay for them annually and the quickest way to see what domains are free is by using the Google Domain Search function. You can then set up as many professional email accounts as you want using this domain. For example, you may choose to have admin@, hello@ or yourname@. This immediately shows a level of professionalism to potential customers.

2. Branding Document

A branding document outlines your businesses key colours, fonts and messaging. It is important to have one so that when you are creating imagery and graphics for your social media and marketing efforts, you can ensure it is coherent with your brand.

3.Template social media graphics

Once you have a branding document, it is then very easy to create a set of template posts for social media. This keeps your feed looking consistent and allows viewers to easily recognise a post from your business.

4.Set your own SLAs

Service Level Agreements are what larger companies do to ensure quality and consistency is maintained across their business. This can be things like replying to emails within a certain time frame. Setting SLAs for your own business, even if it’s just you, helps you to keep on top of things. You may set aside 30 minutes at the end of each day to go through all your emails.

5.Use a social media scheduler

There are lots of free social media schedulers that allow you to schedule weeks, or even months, of content at a time. This ensures that even when you’re really busy, your social media pages still stay updated. A few you might like to look at are; Buffer, Later or Hootsuite.

If you need support with any of the above, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.

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